COMMAND MASTER CHIEF HANDLEY'S RETIREMENT.My son, me, and his supervisor on board the USS Makin Island December 2, 2010..I am slowly recovering from this disorder. It has totally turn my life into a living hell. ITHE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS

I am slowly recovering from this disorder.  It has totally turned my life into a living hell.  I

Her two babies, they are the wind beneath my wings.

used to be a competent, well functioning individual making good money as a Supervising

My alter ego my daughter the other half

Children’s Social Worker. My colleagues, especially my managers turned my life into a nightmare. I was working in a hostile work environment and I truly feel that the ultimate goal was to drive me insane. They almost succeeded. I had to file for injury comp. Hire an attorney, we eventually settled. I am 19 percent permanently disabled. Under the Disability Act, I was entitled to reasonable accommodations, however my penalty for fiing a law suit was a job offer to return to the same job that drove me crazy, along with a longer commute. Of course I turned it down, so they cut me off from my all benefits! Why, I turned down a job so that automatically was their  rationale for shutting me down. In 2008 I was forced to retire. I lost a significant income, my retirement is not enough to support me, and if it had not been for my daughter and her husband moving back home, I would have lost my home. Thanks to my therapist who referred me to the State Department of Rehabiliation, I am now attending school in order to return to the work place. I am working on my second Master’s Degree in Martial and Family Counseling!!!! I feel as though I am losing my mind. I need to work! I enjoy school, however who gets paid for going to school. I am taking out more student loans and getting deeper in debt. Is this America? I have a degree in Social Work from USC(graduate), worked my way up from a Social Worker to Supervisor. My son is in the Navy 22 years. My daughter also works for the same company as a Supervisor. I raised them after they father left and started a new family. Is there any wonder I am crazy? To add insult to injury my family and friends and most of the people that I attend college with, dont think there is anything wrong with me. Why? I dont look or act crazy. What a crock? Why would I leave a $70,000 per year job to pretend to be loonie? Thank God for my therapists(all three) my meds yes lexapro, xanax and ambien. Most of all I thank God for my supportive and loving children, now adults. I did something right, they are wonderful and taking such great care of me during this trying time. I really thank God for my faith! Without his guidance, there would be no me!!!!!!!!! There are serious times when I feel like throwing in the towel. However God comes along and catches my towel and throws it right back in my face. The purpose of this blog is to encourage you to seek help if you are suffering from this disorder. Do not surround yourself with negative people. Limit contact with situations or others that are stressful. Develop a regular exercise routine. I joined the Train to End Stroke Program with the American Stroke Foundation and walked my first half marathon at age 56!!!!!! Walking eases my mind and allows me to escape and to think. Treat yourself to a Spa day! VOLUNTEER!!!!!!! It has truly helped to save my life!!!!! Most of all join my blog!!!! Stop in for encouragement. I am here for you!!!!! I am praying to recover one day!!!!! I still suffer from anxiety attacks(worried about money), insomnia(worried about money) bouts of depression(worried about money). In spite of it all, I remain hopeful, encouraged, and loved which is the best gift of all!!!!! WE CAN DO This!!!!! I need you so stop by and leave me an message!!! plus ask any questions, I got most of the answers if not will find out.

mY GRANNY ETHEL IVY THE WARRIORThe strength of my ancestors keep me focused on the prize!!!!My mother Ola M. Johnson taught me true compassion! She died while living! Their memories will never be forgotten, nor the struggle!Blessed are the Peacemakers! The compassionate one.

The Compassionate one, My mother Ola M. Johnson!