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All this recent talk regarding bullying has caused me to ponder this question, how do we prevent employees from  being bullied on the job? I have  first hand experience that this big pink elephant in the room is hidden under a tag line called,  working in a hostile work environment. Okay here is the deal. I was bullied by  upper management while working for Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.  I am retired so I am going to tell it like it is.  Why? Well for numerous reasons number one I dared to speak out against the unfair and unlawful practices many harmful.   Try reading the Los Angeles Times simply goggle Los Angeles County DCFS.   Secondly, they can get any with it, who you gonna call ? O yeah, I tried the Chain of Command, the EEOC, the Union, and it all resulted in retaliation! Okay it is another word for being bullied.  If you tell we are going to give you a bully nose, in my case they bloodied my nose, blackened my eyes, broke both legs and crushed my spirit.  Did i think of committing suicide? Yes!!!! My managers were determined to teach me a lesson. I refused to write up workers that were poorly trained. I was a Supervisor that was given a job with no training and told to perform.   Did I smell a rat? No, I was fresh from graduate school, promoted from being a highly competent Adoptions Worker, I believed in justice for all.  A year later, I was begging for relief.  By this time  survival was the name of the game.  However, I had something called morals and ethics. That is why I was bullied! I complained about everything, poorly trained workers, long hours with no pay, relatives caring from their family without adequate services.  I complained so much that it was time to be punished.  I received my first beating for talking too much by being placed in a position where I would never be promoted. Why? The bullys gave me a low ranking.  Okay, so I transferred to another office, however the bullies where waiting for me.  You know that song, “Who let the Dogs Out”. Welllllll, they were waiting and I got my tail ate up so bad,  They bruised me, broke my ribs, stomped on my ego, wounded my character, and finally they went for the  jugular.  They went after the families that i was trying to help.  One particular case, the bullys knew that I had been working hard to keep the family intact.  So what did they do, looked for every reason to break the family up.  They succeeded, moved the kids from the home. Why? They had the power and they wanted to teach me a lesson.  I learn quickly.  I walked away from my desk after that bloody fight barely alive, the paramedics stated that my heart stopped beating three times(figure of speech yall, I am using a metaphor okay).  In reality, my blood pressure went up and my therapist said, I am taking you out of the war zone.  I now suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I retired in 2008.   If you think the bullying ended with my retirement. Think again,  The Department(DCFS) sent me a letter in June of this year asking if I would consider coming back to work.  It appears that the workload was such that they needed retirees to come back to help out.  Hell, the year is 2010, my retirement check is not paying the bills so I said of course.  Wellllllll, after waiting a couple of months I decided to call to find out my status only to be told, I was not selected.

This is a serious issue.  We are talking about grown educated professional people that are going to work on a daily basis being bullied as they try to do their job.  This is a vicious group of people.  They are getting away with murder.  Who is minding the store? Who is protecting the families and children of Los Angeles County, while the bullies go after innocent employees.  If I had to do it all over again, I would.   I barely survived and I am permanently disabled.  However the true victims of workplace bullies are the public that they should be protecting.  I now understand why they fear me, they are cowards, insecure, spineless, despicable human beings.  They get their satisfaction from inflciting pain on people that they envy.  Bullys have no self esteem.  Be careful when you encounter an organization ran by bullies.  It is a dangerous and evil place.  If you do business with them, rest assured you will not be treated fairly.  They will look so innocent and appear so kind, however remember this warning, they are wolves in sheep clothing.  They are destroying the moral fiber of the communities that they do business in.  They are destroying lives, they will stop at nothing, they are bullies.   I understand why they wanted to get rid of me. I never feared them. However being the good poker player that I am, I knew when to fold.  I am slowly recovering, this is my first post on the subject. I plan to do my thesis on this subject. Yes, the bullies messed me up so bad, I am now being rehabilitated. I am working on my Masters in Family Therapy.  Bullies in the workplace are also draining our pockets dry.  Think of all the lawsuits being filed and won.  People being retrained(me for example), sick leave, family leave, injury comp, all the man hours being wasted  as people are being paid to investigate these bullies.   So Dr. Phil if you are reading my blog, please invite me to come on your show because it is time to expose the workplace bullies and replace them with their victims!!!! Some are no longer with us, they could not take the pressure, worried themselves to death or abused drugs and alcohol to forget the pain.  Workplace bullies are getting away with murder!!!!!!!!!

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