sherron & shaheera

Today I received some disturbing news.  My niece called

The Compassionate one, My mother Ola M. Johnson!

to tell me that she had lost her custody battle with her husband.  My niece did it the right way, she did not shack up, honors her parents and loved ones, does not have a mean bone in the body.   I know there are two sides to every story. So I am telling the side I know, she was a virgin when she got married at 31…..She lived at home with her family.  She worked hard. I also will add she is beautiful inside and out….I was thrilled when she told me she was getting married.  I flew home to Chicago as she asked me to participate in her wedding.   I was so excited! She had recently lost her dad, my baby brother to cancer.   The whole family was rejoicing.   They had a short courtship, however, I figured by this time, she knew what she wanted.  Fast forward two kids later, the marriage was in trouble.  Her baby is only three .  I just don’t understand what went wrong. Okay, a lot of things could go wrong.   I am feeling for my baby niece.  She sounded so sad today.  It appears that she will have her girls every other weekend and every summer.  That is not too bad! I just wonder how did it go from Camelot to Spamalot in such a short time frame.   I just wonder,  how do bad things happen to such a good person.  She has suffered so much loss in her young life.  Her brother was murdered, my brother(her dad) dies from Cancer, her grandmother(my mom) dies from diabetes, her grandaddy(my dad) dies from Alzheimer’s disease. She was devoted to all of them.  I feel so helpless.  I wish she lived close by at least we good comfort each other.   Today, I tried to encourage her by telling her this is not the end of the road.  Take this as an opportunity to return to school or learn a new hobby.  Divorce is hard especially when you wish to remain marred.  Child custody battles are ugly as well. I can only say a prayer for her!!!!!!! Life is cruel, I know that, however, my niece was my little baby and I wanted all the best for her.  She did it the right way waiting for her knight in shining army.  He showed up, looking like wonderful(BMW) Black man working,  provided her with a comfortable life, a large home in the suburbs with a pool, two beautiful little girls and they were supposed to live happy ever after.  Today its over, the house, he keeps, the girls, well he won them as well, and the life, he got his and his lady friend.  There is no knight for my niece, just many sleepless nights wondering what went wrong.  That’s my problem always looking at the world through rose colored glasses.  I feeling sorry for myself too.  I had a rotten couple of months.  Today’s news just took me over the edge.   It seems to be harder and harder for me to pick up the pieces.  We got to find a breakthrough somehow!!!!!! I am praying to God to deliver my niece from all the pain she is going through right now.  I am also praying for a financial breakthrough in my life as well.   Sorry this is the season to be jolly, to be giving, to be thankful, and most of all the be forgiving.   God why does bad things happen to good people? What are we supposed to be learning? I guess I will find out when I get to Heaven.  In the meantime, Life is a mother!!!!!!