WoW. Our agency New Impression donated toys to another agency . My daughter donated toys that her children received for presents, too many toys for them to play with! It seems as though God opened up a window from Heaven and blessings just flowed out. First my cell phone was disconnected. I did not stress, I was thankful for a home phone. I had less than a hundred dollars in my bank account, however I was determined to hang on to those few dollars. On Sunday, my daughter wanted a christmas tree for the kids. I was thrilled to take my few dollars and was able to purchase  a tree and some decorations for the yard as well. I truly believe when you give to others is when you are blessed more than ever. Sunday we made this great connection with this new agency ! We felt convinced to help them help give to children in need taking the focus off our needs. This is one day I stepped out on faith. Today is Tuesday and the blessings continue to flow. ATT turned my phone back on!!!! My daughter in law gave me 40 dollars to help our agency. Another good friend sent $50. It does not seen much however in our world is will help us out tremendously!!!!! Its amazing that I was so down in the dumps one day and the next I am flying high!!!!! O the best news I have a job interview on Monday!!!! I really want this job. This is the first interview I have had in months!!!!! I am wishing on a star and believe that good things are coming my way. Yes, God has a blessing with my name on it!

Peace, Joy, and Love!!!!!