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I hope to become a licensed Martial and Family Therapist. My goal is to develop a culturally competent practice to engage people of color to seek therapy. In many communities the thought of seeing a therapist or a shrink for help with personal problems is taboo. I am currently executive director of New Impression, Inc, a non profit developed to provide transitional housing for the homeless. We are now focused on Diabetes Awareness Programs. I am the catalyst behind this issue and I seek funding to help make my dream a reality. I hope that I will have the opportunity to develop this agency to a point that we will be able to provide social services to the underserved and underrepresented. I have accomplished a great deal with my life. However to grow New Impression,Inc to a recognizable entity that provides services to the community would be a blessing for sure. Its takes a great deal of fortitude to hang in here when we have no funding, however i realize that every agency started off with a dream. The good news in the short two years of our existence we have made a difference. This is my goal!