Building a Legacy of Peace’, a Service marking...

Image by Catholic Church (England and Wales) via Flickr

I pray that I will never have to bury one of my kids or grandkids. I know it sounds morbid. I look at some many shows on TV where children are missing later found to be dead or even worse murdered. I recently met some ladies that are part of a support group,”families of murdered children”. I so admire and respect them for being able to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and continue  in spite of their overwhelming grief. Just yesterday, in South Los Angeles, a young mother was gunned down for no reason, shot nine times while her three-year old was still in the car sit and witnessed the entire thing. The prep got out of his car, walked up to this young lady and began to shoot her. It was so senseless. I can’t imagine the family’s grief. It is unnatural for a parent to die before their child. The mother I met on Thursday indicated her son was eighteen years old and was simply walking home from visiting his girlfriend. He was her youngest son. She shared how the pain never goes away. In the beginning, she stated she lost so much weight because she could not eat. Then she entered a cycle when she could not stop eating. I did not want to go into my therapist role and ask her whether or not she was in therapy. I suggested that we start a support group to encourage one another, me using my social work skills to facilitate the group. The thought of having to bury my child or grandchild is one thing Ihope I  never have to do!!!!!! The reality is that it could happen to anyone’s family, mine, or yours, there are predators that are willing to take a life and never give it a second thought! Lord, I pray for all the families that have lost a loved one to violent crime!!!