Ain't I a Woman?

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths. these people have an appreciation, a sensitively, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deeploving concern. “[Elizabeth Kubler Ross].

As I was sitting here thanking my few donors for their generous donations, I found this quote in one of my files. I love Kubler Ross, her take on death and dying has always been my tome to live by. However, somewhere in the last five years, I lost my way. I have allowed negative people and negative circumstances to make me a negative person. A shock because I always thought of myself as I person with a positive outlook. Thanks to, through this media, blogging, and my friend Jennifer Kerr Boyd, for suggesting that I blog.  I am finding my way back home. I am finding the woman who I fell in love with when I turned fifty. The confident, sexy, outgoing,stunning woman with the Scarlett Ohara attitude!!!!! Reflecting on Elizabeth’s quote, I am surely by far a Elizabeth Taylor, a Jane Fonda, Tina Turner, women who have all  known loss, known suffering, and known struggle! Holla! Thanks Kubler Ross for helping me to see what I have become due to having to endure so much pain. I now see what others see when they meet me. I am now understand the attraction, why both men and women. I now understand why “friends” get so angry with me at the thought of losing my friendship. I understand why my lovers walk away from me and never look back. I now understand why my employers tried to discredit me and my work ethics. I now understand why others marvel at my fortitude and tenacity. I now understand why some secretly admire me and wish to be like me, on the other hand they can’t stand me. I do understand now, why the caged bird sing, what its feels like to be a phenomenal woman. I know that I am truly an enigma, a jewel, a survivor. I now know what it feels like to truly love myself! I know what it feel like to be lonely and engaged at the same time. I know that I am a Woman, like Sojourner Truth, so boldly proclaimed. I shall never doubt who I am and how I arrived at this place! I totally forgive all those that caused me sorrow, pain, despair, confusion, grief, doubt, and most of all sadness. I most of all forgive myself for thinking loving you all was my weakness, and helping you all, made me feel foolish, and giving and getting nothing back was just my plight. In the end, I got a life, a wonderful life, a beautiful life, a fulfilling life!!!!!! AINT I A WOMAN, A PHENOMENAL WOMAN, DON’T HATE , APPRECIATE, CAUSE I GOT THE BATTLE SCARS TO PROVE THAT I AM A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! OH BY THE WAY, WHEN GOD MADE ME HE BROKE THE MOLD! HA! I AM A WOMAN AND I AM LOVING ME SOME JURLINE. NOW GO RUN AND TELL THAT!!!!