USMC Iwo Jima War Memorial at Night, World War...

Image by Beverly & Pack via Flickr

My two children, now adults,  Frederick IV and Levonnia have made my life  worth living. Once upon a time I was a happily married military wife. My husband was in the Marine Corps and I loved living the military life. It was exciting to meet new friends and travel to new places. I was a young mom I had Frederick when I was 20 and Levonnia at age 23. I was a stay at home mom and devoted all of my free time to raising them. My husband’s career was first and foremost in my life. I was a young bride 19, ha, what did I know about life. I did know that I wanted  to have babies, and both kids were carefully planned. My ex husband was the perfect dad, doting on the two of them, barely allowing them out of his sight. They were his pride and joy. Our life changed drastically when he mother passed away. He was so close to his mother and her death devastated him. Still another lost, his Dad remarried and my husband’s life began to spiral out of control taking me right along with him. To compound matters, an oversee deployment to Okinawa. The year he was away I grew up, I was working paying the bills, taking care of the kids and enjoying my freedom!!!! Well, he returned and his child bride had grown up. Unable to accept the change, in 1980 my husband left the kids and I and never returned. He deserted the military, AWOL, and our benefits went  AWOL as well. We were virtually homeless. If it had not been for public assistance, the military community, and good friends, there is no way we could have survived. The one thing that I tell people is that my kids made me a decent person. They gave me purpose. I was living on a military base full of single men. Had it not been for the kids, I would have simply became a tramp, living with the first man who came along, a floozy, hanging out at bars, and being a wild child. They made me respectable. I did not want to do anything to hurt them. Their  Dad had done the ultimate, deserting them. Therefore, I  had to be  there for them,   both Mom and Dad!!!!!! Yes, had it not been for them I would have never went back to school to earn a Masters Degree. Thanks so much Frederick and Levonnia, you both continue to make  my life worth living. Now I have my daughter’s two lovely kids that love me unconditionally. You babies, Nelson and Naomi have truly helped to keep this old heart ticking!!!!