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Two words, my former supervisor! She made my life hell and treated me like shit! The main reason I won my injury compensation lawsuit. You know how hard it is to win for emotional stress when you are a social worker? Go figure. We settled out of court. A small pittance for what was left after she got finished with me. I was a Supervising Children’s Social worker for a large agency, okay Los Angeles Department of Children Services. The irony, she interviewed me for the job. Her exact words, “I prayed for you”. She claims that she was praying for a supervisor that would be supportive of her. I was very supportive in the beginning. She promoted me after all. I felt a great deal of loyalty. There were warnings along the way. I heard she was a bitch. I was warned not to transfer from Adoptions(at the time a wonderful job) to a Regional office( I had no idea was a hell hole). It was a promotion and I was thinking of my retirement. All good things must come to an end. Our cushy relationship went from “sugar to shit” as my mother used to say. I was her little flunky in the beginning. She gave me the plumb assignments, make me acting in her absence(I had only been a supervisor for less than a month) and made me feel like a superstar! Well, that didn’t last long, she threw me under the bus, I saw the real person and the real me came out! The battle was on and of course I lost! She was so mean that when I transferred to another office, I gave her a going away gift. I returned to clean my desk, the gift was waiting with a note on it “return to sender”. I am not going to relive all the crap she did to me. I will sum it up with four words, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder! Thanks you know who!