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I dedicate this blog to my Mother Ola Mae Johnson(pictured in her younger days) she made scripture reading a daily part of her life.  In 1994, she died from complications associated with Diabetes!!!!!

Yesterday, I read this article which correlates with my research on the importance of spirituality as an intervention to promote healthy living among African-American parishioners.  African Americans like many ethnic groups  are religious people,  however as stated in

Hosea 4:6,  My people are destroyed  from  lack of knowledge.   In many instances,






Blessed are the Peacemakers! The compassionate one.

we are often less focused on gaining knowledge when it comes to health and fitness.  For this reason,

I am an Ambassador with the American Diabetes Association , Live Empowered Program (Learning to Thrive with and Prevent Diabetes).  This program targets

Los Angeles Area Churches,  in an effort to promote diabetes awareness.  Why the church? AMA strongly feels that church members will participate in educational programs if promoted from the Pulpit.    We still are having a challenging time engaging churches to promote this message.   Our agency New Impression, is a grass-roots non-profit, our goal is to partner with other agencies such as American Diabetes Association, King Drew,  and other non-profits that are promoting wellness and spirituality.  Our numbers(in the African-American Community) are growing and this disease is now affecting our youth. Therefore, it is encouraging  that the US DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES IS PROMOTING THIS AREA OF RESEARCH.   MY QUESTION IS SIMPLY, WHAT OTHER STEPS SHOULD WE TAKE TO INVOLVE OUR CHURCHES IN PROMOTING FAITH ALONG WITH FITNESS?  THERE ARE MANY THAT HAVE EXERCISE PROGRAMS, HOWEVER WHAT IS MISSING IS THE EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT.  THE AMA’S LIVE EMPOWERED TEACHES A SERIES OF FREE WORKSHOPS ON LEARNING TO THRIVE WITH AND PREVENT DIABETES.  The following article postulates that adding scripture reading was a benefit to the participants of this study.

Tying activity to spirituality may help some people be more active. Researchers checked how that works by enrolling about 60 African-American women over 60 years old in physical activity programs through their churches.

For half of the women, the programs included Scripture readings that focused on making their lives better; the others got non-religious health material.

The researchers say the group that got Scripture did more walking at six months. O. Kenrik Duru at UCLA led the research, and says:

“I’d really advise people to ask around. If it’s not in your church, then maybe a church in your community is offering physical activity with a faith-based component.’’ (7 seconds)

The study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society was supported by the National Institutes of Health.

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Last revised: December, 27 2010