How Deep Is Your Love

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Ditto! to Day 9. I need to let go of my significant other. A poem to my lost lover by Jurline Redeaux.

We shared so much.
It could have worked.
I am still in despair as why he did not see me for what I am truly worth!
We laughed together! We cried together! Lovemaking was spontaneous and free.
Why or why did he have to leave me.
I need to let go. It seems easier said then done.
However, my mind drifts back to “could he still be the one”.
I don’t know what to do! I pray to God for a clue.
His answer from above, is that you just have to be you.
I trying to be free. I am trying to be strong.
Deep down inside, I keep asking myself” was he really the one”.
Love is a game. We all have to play.
The problem with my love is I always have so much to say.
I want to be loved! I want to be hugged!
I want this man to come back and truly love!
Well I know, I just need to let go.
Deep down inside, I am hoping for more!
Life is a game. Sometime we win. Sometime we lose.
In my case, I just need to move through.
I need to let go! To hang on is null and void.
Why or why, can’t I just be free!
I am trying to be me.
I trying to be strong.
Deep down inside, I just need to belong!
I need to let go, I need to move on.
I need to pick up the pieces and resolve to be strong!

Jurline 2010.