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The fact that I raised my children as a single parent and they turned out well. Both of  them now adults  are professionals. My son has been in the Navy for 22 years. A great dad, husband and I call him my knight in shining armor. My daughter is a wonderful mother, wife, and a professional social worker. We worked in the same office before I retired. She is also my best friend. I am so thankful to God that they are wonderful human beings! I receive compliments on them from people who watched them grow up. My friends tell me all the time that I did a great job of raising them. It was difficult for  them growing up without their Dad. He deserted us when they were very young. However, I am proud that they both have a relationship with him, that they nurtured. I am so proud of them. It feels great to hear compliments about their character. Both are easy-going, however will stand their ground when necessary. I am a proud mother! It makes me feel great to receive compliments about my kids!!!!!!!! They are also proud of me as well. They actually give me the most compliments. They tell me that I was a great mother and dad. They both give me credit for setting a great example. They credit me for  exposing them to religion at an early age and giving them the freedom to develop their own form of worship. My daughter told me that I made social work look easy that is why she decided to follow in my footsteps. They also compliment me for  teaching them the true meaning of life, that I placed emphasis on love and family, versus material things. I am glad that I have lived long enough to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself, my best friend Linda, always remind me that both of my kids are professionals and are self-sufficient adults.   Jackie Kennedy was quoted as saying that the best accomplishment of her life was rearing her children to be good citizens. To me that is the greatest compliment of all, leaving a legacy of greatness and knowing that my children are truly good citizens. My son works for the Federal Government(I did too as well) and my daughter works for Los Angeles County(I retired from LA County). We call it the Redeaux way, doing our job and doing it well!!!!