Rendering of human brain.

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I never get compliments on being intelligent. I am a pretty confident person and I think I am great at many things. I have been told that I am smart. I had been told that I have a good head on my shoulders. I have never been complimented on being intelligent. Intelligence, is that really something that people compliment you on? I would like to think so. To some extent, it is my fault, for always trying to be so “down” to earth. It is not that my friends and family do not think I am smart, they just don’t compliment me for being intelligent. For example, in previous relationships, I have “dumb downed”. In other words, I play down my “intelligence” and try to fit in by not being so high brow. My goal this year is nurture my intelligent side by seeking more opportunities to interact with people who see me as being an intelligent woman! It’s all about presentation!!!!!!!!