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Thank you for attending one of our community forums this year – we hope
that you have found the information valuable to your organization. We are
sending you this note to follow-up your organization’s request for
additional information regarding Edison’s Computer Donation Program. Below
is the specifics regarding the program, including how to apply for up to
five desktop or laptop computers.

Eligibility Criteria
Edison’s Computer Donation Program is open to public and private schools
serving K-12 student populations and nonprofit organizations located in and
adjacent to areas served by Southern California Edison.

Edison accepts requests for assistance throughout the year. To apply,
schools and nonprofit organizations must submit an application for
consideration on-line. Both schools and organizations can qualify for a
maximum of five Edison-donated (laptop and/or desktop, in any combination)
computers every two years. All computer donations are subject to equipment
inventory availability.

On-line Application
To apply on-line, go to:
Click on Community
Click on Grants & Contributions (from the drop down menu)
Scroll down and click on the In-Kind Donations of computers link (in the
middle of the page)
Take the Eligibility Quiz and continue on to the application

Or, go to:
Click on Community
Click on Corporate Contributions (from the drop down menu)
Click on How to submit a request for contributions (on the left hand side)
Click on In-Kind Donations link (in the middle of the page)
Complete the Eligibility Quiz and continue on to the application

The Program
It takes approximately 6-8 weeks to move through the process starting with
the application. We partner with a nonprofit organization, Technology
Training Foundation of America (TTFA) who takes in all of our retired Dell
computer assets. TTFA puts all of the computers through an inspection to
determine the condition of the computers. If they pass, the hard drive is
wiped clean and brand new Windows XP software is installed (unless the
recipient, in advance, requests to install their own operating system). The
computers come with a 90 day warranty, with the exception of the batteries
on the laptops. The laptops also do not come with an internal wireless
card. If you are looking to use the laptops for wireless internet access,
you will need to purchase that item on your own.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional
information. Thank you!

Darla Vasquez
Community Involvement
In-Kind/Sponsorship Programs
Edison International/Southern California Edison
Phone: (626) 302-7900
PAX Line: 27900
Cell: (626) 703-6043