Bucket of raw Abelmoschus esculentus (okra) pods

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Today I cooked turkey soup in my crock pot. It has been years since I cooked anything in the crock pot. We had used it to store spices and other miscellaneous kitchen items. Christmas I did not cook a traditional dinner. However, I did cook a turkey. It turns out that I was the only person that seemed to be eating the turkey. After a few days, I was tired of turkey sandwiches. So I decided to clean out the crock pot and make soup. I approached this chore in stages. First off, I really do not like to cook. Second, I have been feeling like crap lately and did not feel like eating, like alone cooking. In spite of my issues, I decided today was the day to tackle the soup! So, I rinsed the veggies while the grandkids were getting ready for day care. The next step, cleaned out the crock pot and washed it with really hot water!!!!!Stop! Take grandson to school and run errands. By this time, I was feeling pretty tired. Took the turkey out and realized it was too large to fit into the crock pot!!!! So put the turkey back into the fridge to take a nap. Somehow, sleep deluded me, so went back into the kitchen to tackle the soup. I took the turkey out, cut it up, and put all ingredients into the crock pot!!!!!!YESSSS! A major accomplishment for me. I haven’t made soup in years. The last time I made soup was for the Cabbage Soup Diet!!!! Today I prepared a real soup, complete with veggies, and rice. My daughter came home from work and was pleasantly surprised, however she announced that the soup  was not quite ready and proceeded to fix herself a hamburger!!!! Okay! So here we go, I fix dinner and nobody wants my food!!! So I continued to allow my soup to cook. I added okra, peas and carrots. I really don’t like okra, however my mom used to cook with it when I was growing up. So this soup was beginning to take on a life of its own. A wonderful aroma began to waft throughout the house. It was time for a taste test. My soup was so good, the okra was tender, the broth was well seasoned and the turkey was now succulent!!!!! I thought while eating, I am truly enjoying my new-found life. The soup reminded me of gumbo in a way without the seafood. The okra reminded me of my mother and reconnected me with my past. I felt compelled to stop and reflect on how comforting it was to prepare this soup. It made me think of my somewhat tortured soul and the self-help books, chicken soup for the blah blah  soul. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading those books. Today, I just added my twist and it fits, Turkey Soup for my PTSD Soul. Cooking for the soul is a new experience for me. I cooked in the past out of necessity,  to feed my family. I cooked for holiday celebrations to keep up our family  traditions. This is the first time that I have cooked “soul food“. Food for my soul, to help me heal from the inside out. Well as I write this post, the aroma from the soup is so comforting. It is warming in the crock pot. All I can think about is how good it is going to taste in the morning!!!!! Sleep will not delude me tonight! Soup might just be what the doctor ordered! Yes, soup for my soul!!!!!