Little Tough Guy

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This is a tough one as I really can’t think of anyone that I considered a hero. So I am digging deep on this one.  My brother Leroy was the closest person I would call my hero.  He  was the tough guy  in our family and when I was younger, he was my hero.  He was the one person that I could call on if anyone was giving me a hard time.  When I was growing up, Leroy was larger than life. He had a reputation for being someone who you just would not want to mess with.  Although short is statue,  Roy as we called him was the enforcer.  I was his little sister and he would not let anyone bother me.  Yes, I would call him my knight in shining armor.  However, time spent behind bars for petty crimes, took a toll on my brother.   He began to drink quite heavily and his life took on a downward spiral. He just could not seem to keep it together  So if I had to write him a letter it would sound something like this. By the way, I wrote him many letters when he was behind bars.

Dear Roy,

Man you really let me down when you gave up on life.  The drinking took over your life. You used to be my hero and I thought of you as the most important man in my life.  You were  my big brother, protector, and savior.  You and I shared a deep and abiding love.  You were all of that  and a bag of chips.  Levonnia and I still talk about the time you took her to the neighborhood bar.  We all have Leroy stories. You could have been Eddie Murphy, a natural comedian.  However, life was difficult for you.  You tried hard to live up to our expectations, however the alcohol must helped to dull the pain.   So you let me down man, when you allowed the bottle to take over your life.  I watched drinking destroy your life and all of those that loved you.  I tried to hang on to you and for a while it seemed things were going to work out.  You fell in love, married, and started to work.  No matter, the bottle won every time. It caused you to lose your wife, your job, and your family.  Soon you were living on the street. Roy you really let me down  when you just gave in and gave up.  The last time I saw you was a sight for sore eyes.   You survived the surgery(alcohol had destroyed your stomach) however it left you in a great deal of pain.  I was so happy to see you. Although sick, you were still cracking jokes!    A few short months later, you passed away in your sleep.  I still miss you and I am angry you gave up without a fight.  I do admire you for living your life with no regrets.  Although you are no longer on this earth, your spirit lives on with in me. We tell our “Roy” stories and laugh until we cry. I am crying because I lost my brother and my best friend. My hero.

Love always,