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DRAMA.  It gives me the hives.  I am going to lead a drama free life.  I don’t need the extra baggage that comes along with other people’s drama.  My best friend calls it nonsense and I agree.  Some people thrive on drama. In my opinion, it is a totally waste of precious time.  My life reads like a “Lifetime Story”.   Therefore, I do not need extra drama to my already complex life.  I enjoy periods of solitude, no cell phone, no tv, and no internet.   The one positive of  being unemployed  is that I am able to  support my drama free lifestyle.  Therefore,  I did not miss it(drama) and plan to live without it!!!!! NO MORE DRAMA! THAT’S MY THEME SONG by my girl, Mary J. Blige!!!!!! I feel you, girl, cause I don’t want no more drama in my life!!!!!!!