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I have attended church all of my life.  I was a dedicated church goer.    That all changed in 2008.  I started working for my church and it was a terrible experience.  I used to believe in the church as a reverent place.   I guess I got to close to the inner circle.  I realized that the ministers, deacons, choir members, etc are simply people.  Some talk the talk, however they do not walk the walk.  Behind closed doors.    I am a spiritual person and I worship God.  I do not believe in organized religion.  I find it all to be superficial and a game.  The same office politics that existed at the job is double at the church.  The deadly sins, oh please.   The pious, so judgemental, they will pray for you in one breath and stab in the back.  My church almost made me turn from God!!!!! The lies, the petty lies, the hypocrisy it all made me sick to my stomach.  They had no heart, they treated me like crap and I no longer believe in attending church.  Church is in your heart your mind your body your soul.  I worship what is true. Nature is unchanging a God’s gift to man.  So what I think of religion? It is all a game! My opinion and that is the only one that counts.