Road Traffic Collision.

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Race over to the hospital as fast as possible, feeling like crap.    Assuming that it was only a fender bender, I would call to find out how she was doing.  The whole time, feeling as guilty as hell.  Also wondering if she really wants to even talk to me !!!! This is a horrible scenario and thankfully I have not yet had to experience such a horrible fate.    I received good advice as a young newlywed, “Never go to bed angry”.  Consequently, it is important to resolve issues as they arise.  I feel equally important, that in the midst of a heated argument, friends should not allow another friend to drive upset.  This incident reminds me of a misunderstanding that I had with a good friend.  She accused me of betraying her and it was so surprising to see her so angry.  I felt so upset and decided to drive home and not attend my next class.  One of my friends, indicated that my lips were trembling and she encouraged me to leave.  Driving home, I ran into horrible traffic while at the same time realized that my gas tank was on empty.   I began to pray as I realized that I should have  calmed down before jumping  right on the freeway.  Therefore, In my opinion,   friends, should first off, never allow a situation to cause a rift in a friendship without talking it through.  Unfortunately in my case, the friendship could not be salvaged.  Had I been in an accident that night, frankly, I would have not wished to speak to this person.    I am thankful that I made it home safely.  You live, learn, forgive, and move on.