The Compassionate one, My mother Ola M. Johnson!

  I am no Mother Teresa, however I honestly feel that I am still alive because God has a special plan for my life.    I will be celebrating my 60th birthday next month.  I have been through so many changes and so many adverse circumstances that I should really be dead.  I should have been strung out on drugs, a whore , prostitute,  and homeless bum.   My faith in God has sustained me.  I survived against all odds.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that there is a God.  My life is a living testimony of  God’s grace and mercy.  This is a personal post and I really do not care whether people believe it or not.    I have prayed and asked God to forgive me and he did.   My life is a journey and a testimony of faith.  Divine intervention is something that you have to experience for yourself.  I am sure many of you have read about people experiencing “near death” or being brought back from the “brink of death”.  Many of which had never really believed in God however became born again Christians. I have always had a spiritual and deep relationship with God.   The mere fact that my mother choose to have me is a miracle.  I am thankful that she did.  I was her love child, born out of an affair.  The one time in her life that she did something wrong that turned out  right.  She fell in love with my biological father and they created me.  So I feel that it is my life’s destiny is to  bless others.  God has special plans for my life.   I am an exceptional person. I have experienced exceptional highs and exceptional lows.  This is my personal testimony. I am here simply because of my unyielding faith in God.  He is my rock, my prince of peace, my heavenly father.  I did not know my biological father and had a strained relationship with my stepfather.  It gives me great comfort to realize that my heavenly father loves me and he is keeping me alive for his purpose.  It has taken me 6o years to realize this truth.  I pray for twenty more to years to of his love and mercy.   Consequently, I have dedicated the rest of my life to doing his will not mine.