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Adler Weiner Research LA has a focus group coming up regarding Diabetes. The interviews will be held Feb. 8th for 90 minutes in the evening,  and if you qualify you will receive $100 in cash for 90 minutes..Just giving your opinions…

For this study we are looking for men and women who have a parent over the age of 50 they care for who has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetics have either been diagnosed under the age of 22 and/or are insulin dependent…

If this is you and you are interested, please email us at and answer all the following questions

1.     Your first and last name

2.     Your best daytime phone number

3.     The age of your parent with diabetes

4.     For injecting insulin, does your parent use a pump, syringe or pen?

a.     If they use a pump, do they use a Medtronic/minimed/paradigm pump or another brand? Which one?

5.     Has your parent ever used a continuous glucose monitor to monitor glucose level?

a.     Yes or No

If you fit what we are looking for, we will give you a call