I am learning so much about Alopecia after having it for over half of my life!!!!!!!


Alopecia Awareness Month: naaf.org

A post on an alopecia support website that I thought was inspiring:

‘Technically I am losing my hair, but I am really losing the luxury of conventional beauty. The strength I gain from regaining confidence and powering through hard times will allow my true and purest form of beauty to shine out from within me. Whoever fails to see past my outer shell probably also fails to see the essence of beauty itself.’  –‘PS3li0t’ – (thank you for sharing).

My son likes to dance, which makes his grandma (and would have made his great-grandma) very proud. We have little dance parties throughout the day. One way to take your mind off of alopecia… dance!

It was either War or Earth, Wind and Fire that was my first concert with my mom and uncle… this music will make you dance, (amazing video). Happy September!

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