This blog is my attempt to make some sense out of my life. To find purpose in spite of major disappointments. To start the healing process. I am recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I also tell people, that I am recovering from life as well.  I did not plan on naming it Jurline. It just happened, not very creative.  I tried to change it, however it did not seem worth the trouble.  I welcome all comments, critiques, encouragement, feedback, and questions!!!!!! I promise to respond!!!!!! Welcome to my world!!!!

 My professional and personal experiences has had a direct impact on my interest in Economic and Social Justice.    My parents , former sharecroppers migrated to Chicago seeking better opportunities for our family.  Education was key, my parents were unable to attend school as they had to work in the fields.  For this reason, I was motivated to become educated.  In, 1993 at the age of 46, I applied and was accepted to University of Southern California Graduate School of Social Work.  In, 1996, I was awarded a  Masters Degree in Social Work, a family milestone, as the first college graduate.  I started my career as a Children’s Social Worker for Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. My tenure was rewarding,  as an Adoptions Social Worker, I had the opportunity to place children into forever homes, as a Supervisor,  the opportunity to implement policies designed to promote family reunification.  I was later promoted to Supervising Children’s Social Worker and had the opportunity to supervise, train, and mentor  Social Worker Trainees.  This worker’s are still employed at Los Angeles County and credit my supervision as the key to be able to survive such a demanding position.  The legacy continues, as in 2002, my daughter followed in my footsteps, joining the Department as a Social Worker Trainee, and is now a Supervising Children’s Social Worker.  In 2008, I retired from Los Angeles County after 18 years of service.  In 2009,  I had an opportunity to develop the New Impression, Inc, a non profit Social Service Agency dedicated to providing quality information regarding community activities, training services within underserved communities, and supportive services to homelessness via transitional housing and referrals.


My desire to give back to my community and to advocate for the underserved and underrepresented is a direct reflection of my prior work career as well as my life experiences.   My biggest accomplishment has been raising my son and my daughter as a single parent.  My ex husband deserted our family when my son was 8 and my daughter was five.  I literally went from a married woman to single parent overnight. At the time, I was a military dependent, and my husband was a high ranking Marine.  I was referred to the newly formed Family Counseling Center on the Base and my life was forever changed.  I met a young social worker who encouraged me to return to school.  He gave me hope, a new lease on life, as well as igniting   my life long desire to give back to others what he gave to me. I was able to remain in North Carolina, earned an Associate of Arts Degree, and started my Civil Service Career. In short, I was given an opportunity to rear my children, to provide for them financially, and later was able to relocate to California to attend to my ailing Grandmother.  I am doubly proud of both my children, as they too, have followed the legacy of giving back.  My  son has been in the Navy for over 20 years and is serving  as a Chief, on the USS Makin Island.  Moreover, I am a grandmother to 7 with another one on the way   Consequently, I am more inspired to create positive changes in the lives of those in need and leave a legacy of giving to my family.  For this reason, I am working on my second degree, a Master’s in Family Therapy.



Volunteerism is my main passion and allows me to impact the lives of some many people.  I am an volunteer with the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, and the American Stroke Association.  I am affiliated with the University of Social California Alumni Association, Cal State Dominguez Hills Alumni Association, Compton Watts Faith Base Collaborative,  and Special Needs Network, Police Training Task Force, American Humane Association, Family Team Decision Making Planning Committee, Institute of Violence and Trauma as a conference volunteer.    Additionally,  Co Founder of the 1st Annual Compton Diabetes Awareness Walk, a collaboration with Compton Unified School District.  Our first walk, took place on April 28, 2010.  New Impression received a letter from First Lady Michelle Obama, recognizing the important work we are doing to reduce childhood obesity.


Honors and Recognitions:

Long Beach Naval Shipyard Outstanding Female Employee of the Year.

Certificate of Participation, Lovelia P. Flournoy Elementary School, Career Awareness Day

Certificate of Recognition,  Compton Unified School District and CSU Dominguez Hills 6th Annual Homeless/Foster Care Symposium(Panelist)

 American Humane Association, National Family Group Decision making Conference in San Antonio Texas(Co Presenter)

Cal State University, Long Beach, Field Instructor Certification of Appreciation