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Bold, Beautiful, and Bald

Bold, Beautiful, and Bald


We were just given a shout out here regarding our cause to raise awareness regarding Global Alopecia Mission. Please go by and like their page!!!!!! We are honored!!!!

Global Alopecia Mission truly does have the strongest and most positive supporters, giving alopecia areata awareness month a different meaning. This is the work of a mother and daughter who both suffer from Alopecia Areata. Please take a second and check out their amazing organization, New Impression!!!!!!!

And thank you ladies for volunteering your efforts to help raise awareness and funds for research, to help find a cure for alopecia areata.

Both my daughter and I suffer from this disorder. We are totally bald. I have been wearing hairpieces, weaves, wigs, and hair prosthesis(very expensive) for the last 30 years. I was devasted when my daughter began to lose her hair at 30. However she is the courageous one. Last year after trying all of the above, she deciced to shave her head! I was alarmed and some what ashamed at first. Then I realized I was worried that people would realized that I too am bald. Well, I woke up last August and shaved my head. I still wear a wig . It is exhausting to have to explain that “no I don’t have cancer” and other questions relating to my hair. I am proud to have found through facebook and twitter organizations dedicated to raising Alopecia Awareness. I am finally out of the closet. I have posted our picture all over Facebook. I have volunteered with the Global Alopecia Project to help raise money as well as awareness. Finally, I am ashamed of my vanity when I think of the young children afflicted by this disorder and have been bald all of their life. This is an auto immune disease. In our case it is hereditary as my grandmother had it as well. It is sad because our insurance company is unwilling to authorize any treatment for our disorder. Young children are forced to wear wigs when their are hair prosthesis that are available that would give them the freedom to swim, run, and play. I have a new passion! Raise awareness! Challenge our insurance company to authorize treatment including hair prosthesis’s. I pay them enough money to do so. Until then, I am free to do what I want with this head of mine. I am no longer ashamed and I am thankful to be well. Beside, at age 62, I am free to be me.