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Mary J Blige - Forever No More (back cover)

February 9, 2011, I will turn 60 years young.  I am so thankful that I am healthy and in my right mind !  It is amazing that my chronological years just does not add up with how I am feeling now. I am actually feeling better than I have in a long time. I am entering another decade of my life.  When I turned fifty, I had an elaborate birthday party. I called it my “coming out” party.    Celebrating life is always a great thing.  I urge you all to celebrate your life.    I am thankful that I had that party.  My entire family and friends were present.  My friends from Northern California came as well as my family from Chicago.    It was the last trip to California for my Dad he passed away in 2009.  Since my last birthday celebration, several close friends are no longer here.   I am thankful that we video taped the entire event.  I had them on tape each wishing me a Happy Birthday.  Age is nothing but a number my best friend was only thirty-three when she died.  I still miss her she knew “where all the skeletons were buried”.   She took my secret s to the grave.   It seems impossible that she is gone and life continued on without her.  Her death left a huge void in my life.  She was my running buddy.  Although, I was her mother”s age,  we always had a great time hanging out.  So the best thing that I have going for me is that I have lived a full and exciting life.  I am at the age that I really don’t get a hoot what others think of me.  I am finally confident with my body!!!! I am still young enough to feel sexy!  I have great friends and continue to meet new ones that enhance  my life!!! I  am thankful to have lived to see my babies grow up and now they have babies of their own!!! I am healthy enough enjoy them, run, ride, skip, jump with them.    This birthday is a milestone as I have finally given  myself permission to embrace my authentic self.    I have learned to say no! I have learned to set limits! I have learned to love myself! For that, I feel this is my best life ever!!!!! I am living my life-like it is Golden!!!!! Yes, I am finally walking in my greatness! I feel powerful! I feel beautiful! I feel love!!!!!!! I feel blessed!!!! Thank you God for giving me another chance to get it right.  So the best thing I have going for me is me!!!!!!!!  To quote RuPaul, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love anybody else”.

No More Drama (song)

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I love this Album No More Drama by Mary J. Blige.  I am writing this letter to tell you that the drama is killing me.  I want to be with you however please please lets work on getting rid of the Drama.  Mary explains it better than I ever could. I played this CD over and over again. Some of the songs, made me cry it hurt so much.  Listen to Mary  she is talking about me, you, and our life.  Let’s do this over again, this time minus the drama.  Your crazy mixed up lover. It seems I can’t live with you and I can’t live without you.  At this point, I am willing to live with you minus the Drama! Let’s do this!!!!!!!

Mary J. Blige performs at the Neighborhood Bal...

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DRAMA.  It gives me the hives.  I am going to lead a drama free life.  I don’t need the extra baggage that comes along with other people’s drama.  My best friend calls it nonsense and I agree.  Some people thrive on drama. In my opinion, it is a totally waste of precious time.  My life reads like a “Lifetime Story”.   Therefore, I do not need extra drama to my already complex life.  I enjoy periods of solitude, no cell phone, no tv, and no internet.   The one positive of  being unemployed  is that I am able to  support my drama free lifestyle.  Therefore,  I did not miss it(drama) and plan to live without it!!!!! NO MORE DRAMA! THAT’S MY THEME SONG by my girl, Mary J. Blige!!!!!! I feel you, girl, cause I don’t want no more drama in my life!!!!!!!

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