Cover of "Full Moon & Shrine"

Cover of Full Moon & Shrine

My girl, Keiko Matsui, her Album Full Moon and the Shrine.   My first trip to Maui was to escape from the heartbreaking job of being an adoptions social worker.  I just announced at the end of a crappy day that I was taking a vacation.   I decided to go to the Island of Maui! I was having relationship problems.(The story of my old life)  I am an incurable romantic and at the last-minute invited my male friend to join me on the Island of Maui!!!!!  I cajoled and begged him, even tried to encourage him by telling him he only needed a plane ticket since I had already paid for the hotel and rental car.   I realized his mother was ill and he wanted to go visit her in Louisiana. I was just hoping that he would be daring enough to spend a couple of days with me and then go see his Mom or vice versa.  Well anyway, Keiko Matsui and her beautiful music got me through so many tough ass days.   The following is my letter thanking Keiko!!!!!

Dearest Keiko,

I am so glad that I packed your CD for my trip to Maui!!! My first trip to what I thought was one of the most romantic places in the World.  I was traveling solo as usual.   I played your CD during my trip over to Maui from LA.  I listened to  your CD as I walked along the beach.  I also listened to your  CD when I drove to Lahaina to hang out for the day!!!!! Your music helped to heal my broken heart.  I felt a new awakening in my body and soul and I felt one with the music.  I walked the beach daily listening to my CD player and gazing out at the Pacific!!!!! I felt so beautiful, so sensual, and so at peace.    I have had many opportunities to see you in concert.   However, I am still waiting to attend with that special someone.   Your music inspired me to dream of being in love again.  It made me think of being remarried. I declared that during the reception we would play your music.  Our first dance shall be to the beat of the Full Moon and the Shrine!!!! So, Keiko, I just can’t attend your concert until I find the right date!!!! Correction, dammit, that next time you are in the Los Angeles Area, I will come to see you with my new BFF(me)!  I will be sure to introduce myself, ask for your autograph, and invite you to play at my wedding.    I do thank your for making my trip to Maui a magical one.  Your music saved me from feeling sorry for myself because Maui is a place for honeymooners. Your music allowed me to create a fantasy island, complete with my knight in shining armor, with love on his mind!!!! 

In closing, I wish to thank you for creating music for the soul.  Furthermore, I thank you for creating music that helped to heal my broken heart and broken spirit.   I always think of Maui, when I hear this album.

One of your ardent fans,